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What Is Divorce Mediation?


Divorce is rarely easy, yet it doesn't have to be dreadful or traumatic. With the help of a divorce mediator, you and your spouse can go through a smooth, quick, non-traumatic and affordable divorce.


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Why Should You Choose Divorce Mediation?

    • Non-traumatic, dignified approach to end your marriage - Avoid ugly legal battles and get on with your life with less emotional hardships for you and your children (if you have any).
    • Stay in control over your future - Your separation agreement must be accepted by both of you without anyone dictating its terms.  If you choose to take your case to court, a judge will decide what your future will look like -- but if you choose mediation, those decisions are up to you.
    • Quicker divorce - It typically takes between 2-6 sessions to finalize your separation agreement. The length of the process is entirely up to you and your spouse and your ability to reach an agreement.

    • Affordable divorce - Rather than each of you hiring your own lawyer who may create a more adversarial process, you and your spouse will work with one divorce mediator who has the same interest as you - reaching a mutual agreement.

    • Better for your children - Spare your kids the long legal battles. Remember, even after the divorce you will have to function as parents. Divorce mediation will help you establish working relationships that are crucial for the future of your children.
    • Economic sense - Just because you are getting divorced doesn't mean you don't have mutual interests. When working together you can make smart financial decisions that will ensure that your losses will be kept to a minimum. 


What Is the End Result of Divorce Mediation and is it legally binding?

The end product of your divorce mediation process is your Separation Agreement - a legal, collaborative document which outlines all aspects of your divorce and clearly states the terms you and your spouse have agreed upon. 

After signing your separation agreement it will be submitted to the court together with some other required documents. Then, the court will process your papers and schedule a hearing, at which your divorce will be approved.   


Your divorce agreement will address the following issues:

  • Division of joint assets
  • Alimony - Our experienced mediators will provide you with insight regarding the common practice in similar cases but it will be entirely up to the two of you to decide if and what kind of spousal maintenance will be paid/received, if any.
  • Child Custody - Together we will design a parenting plan. For your child’s optimal development, it is important that you both continue to play an active parental role. Your parenting plan can be as specific or as flexible as you like and will be something you both agree on together.
  • Child Support - Child support payments are usually determined using the detailed guidelines specified by each state, but can be negotiated by the two of you. In MA, basic child support covers food, shelter, clothing and miscellaneous expenses.  In addition to basic child support, parents divide the costs of medical expenses, child-care costs incurred because you and your ex are working, and education. After establishing your parenting plan and child custody arrangement, using the Massachusetts guidelines we will calculate the child support payments for your particular situation. The final payment amount decided will be one which you and your spouse agree on.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

It usually takes between 2 to 6 sessions to finalize your divorce agreement. The average is usually somewhere around 4-12 hours (2 to 6 meeting sessions). In comparison, divorce litigation cases can sometimes take years to be completed.

The length of time required to reach a separation agreement through divorce mediation will vary depending on the complexity of your case and your ability to communicate and cooperate.  Our mediators will help you communicate and work together more effectively in order to make the process as efficient as possible.

Knowing very well that separation from your spouse is painful enough, the last thing you want to do is drag the process out for years to come, putting yourself through unnecessary pain, suffering and expense.


Why Choose Us as Your Divorce Mediators?

Our Massachusetts divorce mediation service aims to minimize the emotional trauma and the economic burden of divorce.  Our team of experienced and skilled mediators have helped many couples across Massachusetts to end their marriages in a civilized and productive way.  

We are here to help you start a new chapter in your life.



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