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No Fault Divorce in Massachusetts (MA)


Everything you need to know about no-fault divorce in Massachusetts

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No-fault divorce was adopted by the state of Massachusetts in 1977. The common legal reason for such divorce is "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage". The major implication of no-fault divorce is that divorcing couples do not have to decide who will be "at fault" in order to submit the divorce papers to the court.

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How to file a 1A or 1B no-fault divorce in Massachusetts

As provided by sections 1A and 1B of the Massachusetts laws governing divorce, 

A) A. An action for divorce on the ground of an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage may be commenced with the filing of: (a) a petition signed by both joint petitioners or their attorneys; (b) a sworn affidavit that is either jointly or separately executed by the petitioners that an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage exists; and (c) a notarized separation agreement executed by the parties except as hereinafter set forth and no summons or answer shall be required.

(B) B. An action for divorce on the ground of an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage may be commenced by the filing of the complaint unaccompanied by the signed statement and dissolution agreement of the parties required in section one A.


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