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Mediation After Divorce

Using mediation to resolve post-divorce disputes

For some couples, divorce is not the last milestone of their life together. In cases where children are involved or properties are still mutually owned, spouses may still need to deal with their exes on a regular basis. Often, changes to the original divorce settlement are required in order to adjust them to unpredictable circumstances such as relocation, remarriage, change of income, amendments to a parenting plan, etc. 

Post-divorce mediation can assist you and your spouse in resolving any issues or disagreements after your divorce in a peaceful, effective, and affordable manner. Even if you didn’t use mediation when you filed for divorce, our MA mediation services can still assist you in reaching an acceptable agreement regarding any post-divorce issues without requiring you to hire an expensive family law attorney.

To learn more about how mediation can assist you in solving your post-divorce disputes, we invite you to schedule a free 30-minute, no-obligation consultation. 

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When should you consider post-divorce mediation?

The issues below can be resolved through post-divorce mediation:


  • Amendments to current divorce agreement 
  • Changes to child custody and child support arrangements
  • Changes to alimony arrangements
  • Relocation of a child or changes to living or visitation arrangements
  • Facilitated communication and creation of a working relationship
  • Creation of confidential and mutual conflict resolution mechanisms for future disputes.

  • Reconciliation of any differences without court intervention


Still unsure if mediation is right for you? 
It's important to remember one key thing during post-divorce mediation—as long as you and your ex-spouse are willing to communicate and work through the issues you’re having, our Massachusetts mediators can assist you in coming to an acceptable resolution.

If you're still unsure of whether or not post-divorce mediation is right for you, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced mediators to discuss your specific situation and learn more about the mediation process.


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