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Massachusetts Alimony Reform Law

- exclusion of gross income which has already been calculated for child support
- when the court orders alimony payments along with or after child support payments, the duration of the alimony and child support payments will not exceed the longer of a) the duration of the alimony set forth at the time of the divorce or b) rehabilitative alimony which begins after child support payments have stopped.
- a limit on the amount of alimony
- not calculating a second job or additional overtime for alimony modifications
- a reduction of alimony of health insurance or life insurance is also being paid for
- limiting alimony extensions and require “clear and convincing evidence” for extensions
- ending alimony if the recipient remarries

Effectively, the law places limits on alimony and eliminates lifetime alimony.
For our clients who wish to discuss alimony and agree on an amount, we will work with you to accomplish this.

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