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Filing for Divorce In Massachusetts (MA)

How to file for divorce in the state of Massachusetts

Filing for divorce in Massachusetts MAThe following information will provide you with a brief overview of the process of filing for divorce in the state of Massachusetts along with some of the options available to you such as filing for divorce on your own, through mediation, or with the assistance of attorneys.


As a leading Massachusetts divorce mediation practice, we can assist you in filing for divorce in a civilized, quick, and economical manner. 

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Filing for Uncontested v. Contested Divorce in MA

The first step in the divorce process is to decide whether you wish to file for a contested or uncontested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce - The majority of divorces filed in MA are uncontested, which means that both spouses negotiated a settlement outside the court and then submitted the signed divorce agreement to the court for finalization.

If you and your spouse agree that divorce is the best option and you feel confident that you can come to an agreement collaboratively on your own or with the assistance of a mediator or attorneys, then you can file for an uncontested divorce.

Contested divorce - This is typically the route a couple must take when they cannot reach an agreement and settle their differences outside the court.  Filing for contested divorce means the couple must bring the case before a court, which will decide upon the outcome of their divorce case.

In a contested divorce one spouse will be the plaintiff—the spouse that initiates the divorce and states legal grounds for doing so while the other will be the defendant—the spouse that has the option to either agree or defend against the divorce court.

In order for you to file for a contested divorce in Massachusetts, you and your spouse should hire attorneys to represent you in front of the judge. If you intend to file for a contested divorce in Massachusetts your first step must be to find a good Massachussetts family law attorney.

Our suggestion - If you and your spouse are able to communicate, even on the most basic level, consider getting assistance and settling your divorce outside the court. Choosing to do so will not only save you a great deal of money, but it will allow you to maintain control of your future rather than allowing a judge to determine the outcome of your divorce.


Filing for uncontested divorce in Massachusetts

If you choose to file for an uncontested divorce in Massachusetts, you will have the following options:


Draw up and submit the divorce papers yourself

If there are no issues between you and your spouse such as children or co-owned property—you can download the MA uncontested divorce papers and submit them to the court on your own. While you are not required to have an attorney assist you, you may need some assistance filling out the forms.


As accredited divorce mediators with branches all around Massachusetts, we can assist you in filling out and submitting your divorce papers in a smooth, efficient and economical way.

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Filing for divorce with the assistance of a Massachusetts divorce mediator

If you and your spouse have children or shared assets—savings, real estate investments, businesses, etc.—and you would like to reach a mutually acceptable agreement, one of our experienced mediators can facilitate communication between you to help you come to an acceptable divorce agreement. There are many additional benefits to using one of our divorce mediators, including:


  • Fairly short process (2 to 6 mediation sessions on average)
  • Economical fees
  • Civilized process that allows you to move forward with your lives
  • More effective co-parenting arrangement and future relationship
  • Higher success rate of follow-through with the divorce agreement because both participate in drafting it


As a leading divorce mediation firm offering services in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, we can help you reach a divorce agreement in an economical, quick, and civilized manner. 

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Working with two attorneys

Some couples prefer to settle outside the court, but have an attorney represent them during the negotiation process. These collaborative negotiation processes are often much longer and more costly than divorce mediation and, although they may end up settling outside the court, they can still become very conflicted and ugly.


However, if for any reason you and your spouse cannot effectively go through mediation—you cannot negotiate or represent yourself, you have difficulty listening to each other, you feel unsafe with your spouse in the room, etc.—then the collaborative process with two attorneys may be your best option.


As a seasoned Massachusetts divorce mediation firm, we believe that mediation offers the most peaceful, economic, effective, and least destructive way to end your marriage.

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