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Family Mediation Service

Using mediation and conflict management to resolve family disputes

family mediationEven the closest, warmest of families may experience challenging times that can lead to tension, disagreements, and escalating conflicts between family members. If not handled carefully, these disputes may deteriorate into passionate quarrels that tear families apart.

Through our Massachusetts family mediation service, we assist families in resolving their conflicts through a sensible, civilized, and effective process. Our professional mediators help family members communicate their needs, emotions and wants -- and then enable those families to reach an acceptable agreement. 


To learn more about how our mediation service can help your family, schedule a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation and explore your options.

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How Can Family Mediation Help You?

Our Massachusetts family mediation service is appropriate for any of the following family-related issues:


  • Heritage and will disputes - Many families end up in turmoil over heritage disputes. Our mediation services provide your family with the means to effectively and peacefully reach a solution.
  • Family property disputes - Joint family properties can be a source of extreme conflict, but by using our family mediation services your family will be able to resolve your issues and come to a mutually acceptable agreement while saving thousands of dollars.
  • Grandparents’ rights - The state of Massachusetts recognizes grandparents’ rights in unfortunate circumstances such as the death of a parent, divorce, or the case of a non-functioning parent. Family mediation can assist you in reaching an agreement that will be best for the child/children involved as well as the rest of the family.
  • Handling the care of an aging parent - It is very common for families to disagree on the right treatment for an aging parent. This issue can be handled delicately and peacefully through our mediation service.


Please note - Our family mediation services are not limited to the list above. We can assist your family in resolving any issues you may be facing as long as all those involved are willing to participate.


How Does Family Mediation Work?

Once all of the necessary members of your family have decided to participate in family mediation, we can begin scheduling regular meetings to facilitate the process. All family members involved must attend every meeting with our MA family mediator, who will act as a neutral third-party.

You may wish to have a family lawyer present as well, depending on the nature of your family dispute. Should you feel more comfortable with your attorney present during our meetings, we will arrange this without hesitation.

During the meetings we will collaboratively discuss the issues for which you are attending family mediation, giving each family member the opportunity to communicate his or her side. The family mediation process will not be complete until everyone agrees on the same solution.


Why Choose Family Mediation?

Our mediators use conflict management and other processes to help your family achieve a civilized, economical solution.

Family mediation can be a peaceful alternative to resolve family conflict, allowing you to reach an acceptable agreement everyone feels comfortable with.  While family disputes can be unpleasant, family mediation provides you with the means to handle them in a civilized and productive manner. 

It is important to remember that even the healthiest families can experience a dispute or crisis. By utilizing our Massachusetts family mediation service, your family can resolve any dispute in the most cost-effective, productive, and positive manner.


To learn more about our mediation services and how your family can benefit from them, we suggest taking advantage of our free, no-obligation consultations during which we will examine your situation and explain your options. 

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