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The Divorce Mediation Process

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What to expect during the divorce mediation process

Divorce mediation consists of several different steps, leading to the creation of your separation agreement. As your divorce mediators, our primary goal is to guide you through the divorce mediation process, making the entire experience as civilized, productive, and swift as possible.

If you’re considering divorce mediation and would like to learn more about the process, we invite you to schedule a free 30-minute, no obligation consultation where you will meet with one of our seasoned divorce mediators who will go over your situation, thoroughly explain the process, and answer all of your questions. 

To schedule a free, no obligation session call 800-343-2147 or

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Step 1 - Determining the Primary Issues

During the first stage of your divorce mediation process, we will identify all the issues that need to be incorporated into your divorce agreement. During your first consultation or introductory session, we will get an overview of your personal situation and determine the best strategy to attain a mutual agreement.

We will assist you in making educated decisions by determining the issues and information necessary to help you reach an agreement. Our experienced Boston and MA divorce mediators will make it easier for you and your spouse to effectively communicate your needs, desires, and expectations.

 In addition, we will establish some basic ground rules regarding the mediation process. This will include things such as:

  •   -  Full transparency and willingness to share relevant information.
  •   -  Discussion rules that give you and your spouse the opportunity to express your views without inhibition
  •   -  Confidentiality


Step 2 - Collecting and Analyzing Information


During this step of the process, your Massachusetts divorce mediator will ensure that all information necessary for the mediation process is available. It is critical that all pertinent information is discussed openly and truthfully throughout the divorce mediation process. No relevant information can be kept hidden by either you or your spouse in order for the process to be successful, effective and binding.

There may be instances when you may want additional consultation with outside professionals—accountants, therapists, real estate agents, house appraisers, child specialists, etc.—depending on the specific issues you will be faced with.

Step 3 - Negotiation and Mediation Sessions

Once we’ve been able to determine which issues need to be discussed and all relevant information is available, we will begin the negotiation process.

We will address each individual issue until an agreement is reached that is mutually acceptable to you and your spouse. Discussions will be facilitated by your divorce mediator, who will ensure that they are productive. He or she will make sure that you and your spouse have an opportunity to express your feelings and views, preventing any decisions from being made by coercion or under pressure.

Your MA divorce mediator can provide you with common practice regarding areas of contention to provide you and your spouse with an objective perspective during your discussions. 

Your divorce mediator's role is not to determine who is wrong or right. His or her job is simply to assist you in communicating with one another, ensure that every issue is covered, and to make sure all considerations are taken into account.

Step 4 - The Final Written Separation Agreement

Your mediator will create a memorandum of understanding written in plain english that outlines all the decisions that you and your spouse have made about your divorce.  Then your legal separation agreement will be drafted, and you and your spouse have the opportunity to present it to separate attorneys for review if you so desire. 

Once you are in agreement, your separation agreement along with some other documents will be submitted to the court.  Our mediators will ensure that you have everything in order to submit to the court.  After your divorce papers have been submitted, a court hearing will be scheduled and a judge will approve your agreement at that hearing.   

We understand that this is a great deal of information to take in and that you probably have quite a few questions you wish to ask before making any further decisions. For that reason, we offer a complimentary, no obligation 30-minute consultation during which you can learn more about which kind of divorce mediation process will be most effective for your specific situation.


To schedule a free, no obligation session call 800-343-2147 or



What Is Divorce Mediation?

JohnsonDivorce mediation is a process in which you and your spouse negotiate the terms of your divorce with the help of a neutral divorce mediator.

The end result of the process is a separation agreement which outlines the future of your lives apart while addressing all the relevant issues such as joint property, children, alimony etc.


The mediation process allows couples to maintain full control over their separation process without the risk of it deteriorating into a painful and costly legal battle.

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