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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

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Learn about the many benefits to filing for divorce through mediation

divorce mediation benefitsIn recent years, we have witnessed a dramatic change in the general attitude toward divorce. Once considered a social taboo, it is now regarded as an acceptable part of modern life. This change has driven many divorcing couples to look for alternative routes to file for divorce that allow them to cut their losses and start fresh as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Today, more and more divorcing couples from Boston and across Massachusetts turn to divorce mediation, which offers a civilized, smooth, quick and affordable way to file for uncontested divorce.


Below you'll find some of the most prominent benefits to choosing divorce mediation. Should you still have any questions, feel free to take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation to discuss your concerns and specific situation. 

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Primary Benefits of Divorce Mediation

  • Speedy Divorce - The process of divorce mediation in Massachusetts typically takes between 2 to 6 sessions (4 to 12)  hours of mediation to reach an agreement, while adversarial divorce cases can take years to be finalized.
  • Civilized and Less Traumatic Process -Through divorce mediation you are able to settle disputes rationally, civilly, and jointly. Our professional Boston and Massachusetts divorce mediators will assist you and your spouse in effectively negotiating and communicating with one another until you can come to mutually acceptable agreement.
  • Economical - By choosing divorce mediation you will save substantially in two different ways:

    Pay Less: Our divorce mediations typically costs between $1,500 and $3,000 for both spouses, sometimes less. Adversarial divorce can result in out-of-pocket expenses of anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 per spouse!

    By reaching reasonable mutual agreements considering all joint assets and other issues—alimony, child custody, etc.— you and your spouse can make intelligent economic decisions and potentially save thousands of dollars.

  • Maintains Control of Your Divorce - Rather than leaving the future of your life and your children’s lives to an individual (a Judge) that knows little of your history and situation, Massachusetts divorce mediation enables you to make arrangements that suit your needs and wants. With Divorce Mediation MA, no divorce agreement will be finalized until both of you feel comfortable with the agreement and accept it.
  • Less Traumatic for Your Children - Parents want nothing more than to protect their children as much as possible from the destructive aspects of divorce. By creating a mutually acceptable parenting plan through divorce mediation, you can reduce the likeliness of disputes in the future. Divorce mediation can make discussing and coming to an agreement on issues such as child custody, child support and visitation simpler and more amiable, allowing you and your spouse to co-parent effectively now and in the future.
  • Maintains Confidentiality - Your divorce case will stay completely confidential during the divorce mediation process. 
  • Reach Closure - Ending your marriage in a more peaceful manner instead of fighting through every detail will allow you to move on with less emotional distress and setbacks.

It is clear why divorce mediation is a more positive route for couples who are willing to discuss their issues openly. If you feel that this may be the right choice for you, you can begin the process by scheduling a free, no obligation consultation session today.

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What Is Divorce Mediation?

JohnsonDivorce mediation is a process in which you and your spouse negotiate the terms of your divorce with the help of a neutral divorce mediator.

The end result of the process is a separation agreement which outlines the future of your lives apart while addressing all the relevant issues such as joint property, children, alimony etc.


The mediation process allows couples to maintain full control over their separation process without the risk of it deteriorating into a painful and costly legal battle.

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