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Child Support in Massachusetts


As a leading Massachusetts divorce mediation practice, our goal is to assist you in reaching a child support agreement that both of you feel comfortable with and that adheres to MA child support laws.


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Massachusetts Child Support Laws

Child support laws have been instituted to ensure that the basic needs of your child are met. In Massachusetts, the Child Support Guidelines are intended to encourage joint parental responsibility for child support in proportion to income, also taking into consideration other monetary and non-monetary contributions as well as the availability and cost of health insurance coverage for the child.  The guidelines appy to cases involving children entitled to support from ages 0 to 18 and children over 18 who are still attending high school.  Often, parents choose to continue to pay child support until the child has completed his or her post-secondary education.

Our expert Massachusetts divorce mediators can assist you and your spouse in determining the best course of action for you and your child. We will assist you in reaching a child support agreement that is mutually acceptable and adheres to Massachusetts child support laws.

It is important to remember that no matter how complicated or difficult your current situation may seem, you and your spouse must focus on the most important, common aspect of your lives—the wellbeing of your children.


Calculating Child Support Payments in MA

According to the Massachusetts laws governing divorce, in order to file for divorce, all parties with eligible children must fill out a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. 

These guidelines can be downloaded from the MA court website by pressing the following link:

 Download the Massachusetts child support calculator worksheet


During the mediation process, we help divorcing parents fill out the child support worksheet, according to the state guidelines.  We typically do several calculations so that parents can explore their options and then decide on an amount that works for their circumstances.


Child Support and MA Divorce Mediation

Your children are your biggest priority. If you and your spouse are able to put the wellbeing of your children above any other issues you may have, divorce mediation is certainly the right choice for you. By saving your family from the emotional and financial hardships associated with long, expensive legal battles, you can dramatically reduce the emotional trauma that may be caused by your divorce and reduce the expense of your divorce without sacrificing quality.

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