Civilized and Affordable Divorce

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Why Us?

  • Experience - Our panel consists of the leading divorce mediators in Massachusetts.
  • Full Legal Backing - You will not need to pay extra for attorneys (unless you want to).
  • Painless and Short Process -We are commited help you reach an ambicale agreement.
  • Economic and Affordable - We will guide you to make smart economic decision.
  • Reasonable Rates - We offer competitive rates and will help you reduce the overall cost of your divorce.
  • 100% Confidential - Any information we receive will be kept private and safe.
  • First Season is Free - Ask all the questions you want before you start paying

We spared our children the pain

We dreaded the emotional pain we might cause our children but the mediation process was clean and healthy and we managed to avoid an ugly war. 

Mediation helped us move on with dignity

We were married for 4 years and we had children. Neither of us was after revenge, we just wanted to move on with our lives and avoid the classic divorce war. Divorce Mediation Massachusetts made it possible. 

Divorce Mediation MA enabled us to move on

It wasn't a walk in the park, yet Josh and his mediators made sure our mediation process remained practical and effective untill we could finally reach an agreement. 

We Signed The Divorce Agreement After 4 Sessions

Our main concern was our 2 children and with the help of our experienced mediator we managed to agree on a parenting plan that we both feel comfortable with. 

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